Friday, 20 May 2011

My 3rd birthday !! The weekend before....

Today my Auntie Chelle came to see me from Oxford. She came down especially to see me because it's my birthday party tomorrow. She gave me some big hugs and I hugged her back lots


Daddy and I met her and Grandad Pete at Kingswear and then all went to Brixham to pick a boat up. It was very exciting. I was a good boy and wore my life jacket the whole time and also helped Daddy to steer the boat.

When we got back we had a drink and cake at Nanny Jans but she was at work :(

I played in the garden though with my bucket and Archie. He didn't want his photo taken with me though.

Then on Saturday I had my friends over. Sunday too, I am such a lucky boy to get 2 parties and 2 cakes. Here is me with Mummy and Daddy and with both of my cakes.

I was also playing 'shopping' with my trolly.

Do you think I look like my Daddy?? My Auntie Chelle does !!

This is my new laptop, I got lots of presents...

Sunday, 21 November 2010

November 2010 at Auntie Michelle's in Oxford

I have been to visit Auntie Michelle, Uncle John and Archie this weekend. I have been a very good boy and done lots of things. I even had a whole day with Chelle and Archie while Mummy and Nanny went into Oxford to do some Xmas shopping (I hope they got me some presents!!).

The first day when we took Archie out I wore my Wellies and walked alot of the way as I am such a big boy. Here's a picture of me and Mummy.

Then I found a lovely muddy puddle so I jumped around in it and got mud all inside my wellies, I didn't like this so Mummy and Chelle had to carry me home with no wellies on!

When we got home I had to have my bath and my Mummy wrapped me up in the towel so I looked like a baby. I felt all warm and cuddly.

The next day Mummy and Nanny went shopping so Chelle and I had a fun day. First we made a tunnel and cave with the laundrey rack and a sheet. Here's me crawling through !

The we went for a walk to the park and it was so fun. We went on the see-saw and the wooden bits but not the slide as it was dirty.

Then we went home for lunch and did some plasticine and I had a 2hr sleep. We then went out with Archie and the torch, that was exciting.

Mummy came home and she had brought me a puddle suit. This is my puddle suit, my wellies didn't get wet inside today.

Auntie Chelle helped me to climb a tree. I felt really tall.
Also I made a banana milkshake with Auntie Chelle. We put a whole banana in and whizzed it up with milk, it gave me a moustache!!!

I had a lovely weekend, it was so nice to see Nanny and Chelle and Archie but now I am looking forward to seeing Daddy again too.
Bye for now,
Henry xx

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Hi again,

I've been staying with Nanny Jan & Grandad Pete for the night as Mum & Dad went out for Mum's birthday.

I sat in my toy box under the tree with some toys and I think they thought I was a present or something.

Have a very Happy Christmas everybody.


Sunday, 13 December 2009

December in Oxford

Friday Mummy, Daddy and I all drove to Auntie Michelles in the car. She was so pleased to see us. Archie was with us because he had been on holiday at Nanny Jans and Grandad Petes. Me and him slept most of the journey but we did get out on the way for a wee and a quick snack.
Friday night Santa came to see us in Auntie Michelles road. He knocked on the door and we put our coats on and went to see him. It was lovely. I am not too pleased with this photo though.
Yesterday Mummy and Daddy went in to Oxford with Nanny shopping and I don't like shopping so I stayed home with Auntie Michelle, Uncle John and Archie. We had a walk round the corner to Jaynes house and saw some chickens and rabbits. I wore my backpack.

Then because it was so cold and I am a bit chesty right now we went back home and did some colouring and played bebo. Archie played too. It was good fun.

When Auntie Michelle was busy inthe kitchen I helped by putting all the fridge magnets in the washing machine. I hope I remembered to take them out before I left !!!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My First Steps

Well, here I am having a stroll around on my own with no visible means of support !!
I'm sorry my Dad missed it but when he gets back from the boat show, we'll be able to kick a ball around together, I should be running by then.

There's no stopping me now, yipeeeeeeeeeeee ......

Sunday, 13 September 2009

My Visit to Auntie Michelles in Oxford

On Thursday we drove to Oxford to see Auntie Michelle. It was a long drive but I slept most of the time and stopped for a picnic on the way. Daddy is away at the boat show for a while and I will only be able to chat to him on the phone. I will try not to miss him too much and will practice so I can walk on my own when he gets back. This is my 'Cheese' face that he taught me to do for photos !!

We went to Blenheim palace for the day and it was so sunny i needed to wear Mummys sun glasses.

I went on a train and met an older girl called Darcy and also there was a play area with sand and lots of other children.

The next day we went to the park and chilled out in the garden. I chilled in the washing up bowl and splashed loads !!

I also had a visit from my Nanny who lives near Michelle and she stayed and had dinner on Thursday night. I visited Pete too on Saturday morning and got to see Nanny again. It's all been so exciting.

Also while I was having my bath Auntie Michelle kept asking me to smile and I turned round and did a mooney to her, ha ha it was so funny.......I think when I am older she will show all my girlfriends now so I will have to be extra nice to her !

Archie and I are still friends. I tried to hide from him in the garden, I don't think he even tried to look for me though to be honest. He may be a little pleased when I go perhaps as he is much older than me, he's 2 !!!

Last weekend at Nanny Jan and Grandad Petes

I love the Lion King so I sat quietly for a moment with Grandad Pete and read for a while. After that I caused Chaos so Nanny Jan walked me in the kitchen. Auntie Michelle was home for the weekend and she gave me lots of cuddles and thought my walking had got a lot better.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

My Birthday

Hi All,

sorry I'm a bit late updating my blog but I've been so busy playing it completely slipped my mind.
Anyway, thank you all very much for my lovely pressies, I'll be playing with them for a long time to come.

Click on this link for some pictures that Mum & Dad put on Photobox for you all to see.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Auntie Claire's Wedding

Me again,

thought you'd like to see me with Mum & my super smart Grandad Stan. It's nice to have a picture taken with him.


Auntie Claire's Wedding

Hi All,

here I am all dressed up with Mum & Dad going to my Auntie Claire's wedding.

I must admit, I certainly look the biz & was a great hit with all the girls.