Friday, 20 May 2011

My 3rd birthday !! The weekend before....

Today my Auntie Chelle came to see me from Oxford. She came down especially to see me because it's my birthday party tomorrow. She gave me some big hugs and I hugged her back lots


Daddy and I met her and Grandad Pete at Kingswear and then all went to Brixham to pick a boat up. It was very exciting. I was a good boy and wore my life jacket the whole time and also helped Daddy to steer the boat.

When we got back we had a drink and cake at Nanny Jans but she was at work :(

I played in the garden though with my bucket and Archie. He didn't want his photo taken with me though.

Then on Saturday I had my friends over. Sunday too, I am such a lucky boy to get 2 parties and 2 cakes. Here is me with Mummy and Daddy and with both of my cakes.

I was also playing 'shopping' with my trolly.

Do you think I look like my Daddy?? My Auntie Chelle does !!

This is my new laptop, I got lots of presents...

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