Sunday, 21 November 2010

November 2010 at Auntie Michelle's in Oxford

I have been to visit Auntie Michelle, Uncle John and Archie this weekend. I have been a very good boy and done lots of things. I even had a whole day with Chelle and Archie while Mummy and Nanny went into Oxford to do some Xmas shopping (I hope they got me some presents!!).

The first day when we took Archie out I wore my Wellies and walked alot of the way as I am such a big boy. Here's a picture of me and Mummy.

Then I found a lovely muddy puddle so I jumped around in it and got mud all inside my wellies, I didn't like this so Mummy and Chelle had to carry me home with no wellies on!

When we got home I had to have my bath and my Mummy wrapped me up in the towel so I looked like a baby. I felt all warm and cuddly.

The next day Mummy and Nanny went shopping so Chelle and I had a fun day. First we made a tunnel and cave with the laundrey rack and a sheet. Here's me crawling through !

The we went for a walk to the park and it was so fun. We went on the see-saw and the wooden bits but not the slide as it was dirty.

Then we went home for lunch and did some plasticine and I had a 2hr sleep. We then went out with Archie and the torch, that was exciting.

Mummy came home and she had brought me a puddle suit. This is my puddle suit, my wellies didn't get wet inside today.

Auntie Chelle helped me to climb a tree. I felt really tall.
Also I made a banana milkshake with Auntie Chelle. We put a whole banana in and whizzed it up with milk, it gave me a moustache!!!

I had a lovely weekend, it was so nice to see Nanny and Chelle and Archie but now I am looking forward to seeing Daddy again too.
Bye for now,
Henry xx