Sunday, 13 September 2009

My Visit to Auntie Michelles in Oxford

On Thursday we drove to Oxford to see Auntie Michelle. It was a long drive but I slept most of the time and stopped for a picnic on the way. Daddy is away at the boat show for a while and I will only be able to chat to him on the phone. I will try not to miss him too much and will practice so I can walk on my own when he gets back. This is my 'Cheese' face that he taught me to do for photos !!

We went to Blenheim palace for the day and it was so sunny i needed to wear Mummys sun glasses.

I went on a train and met an older girl called Darcy and also there was a play area with sand and lots of other children.

The next day we went to the park and chilled out in the garden. I chilled in the washing up bowl and splashed loads !!

I also had a visit from my Nanny who lives near Michelle and she stayed and had dinner on Thursday night. I visited Pete too on Saturday morning and got to see Nanny again. It's all been so exciting.

Also while I was having my bath Auntie Michelle kept asking me to smile and I turned round and did a mooney to her, ha ha it was so funny.......I think when I am older she will show all my girlfriends now so I will have to be extra nice to her !

Archie and I are still friends. I tried to hide from him in the garden, I don't think he even tried to look for me though to be honest. He may be a little pleased when I go perhaps as he is much older than me, he's 2 !!!

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  1. Umm, Darcy? Looks a bit too old for you in my opinion; not that I care, you understand!
    Glad you are back on track, I've updated mine today too - go check it out.
    Phe Phe