Sunday, 13 December 2009

December in Oxford

Friday Mummy, Daddy and I all drove to Auntie Michelles in the car. She was so pleased to see us. Archie was with us because he had been on holiday at Nanny Jans and Grandad Petes. Me and him slept most of the journey but we did get out on the way for a wee and a quick snack.
Friday night Santa came to see us in Auntie Michelles road. He knocked on the door and we put our coats on and went to see him. It was lovely. I am not too pleased with this photo though.
Yesterday Mummy and Daddy went in to Oxford with Nanny shopping and I don't like shopping so I stayed home with Auntie Michelle, Uncle John and Archie. We had a walk round the corner to Jaynes house and saw some chickens and rabbits. I wore my backpack.

Then because it was so cold and I am a bit chesty right now we went back home and did some colouring and played bebo. Archie played too. It was good fun.

When Auntie Michelle was busy inthe kitchen I helped by putting all the fridge magnets in the washing machine. I hope I remembered to take them out before I left !!!!

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